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There is an abundance of Long Term Rental Properties in Javea, due to the down turn in the property market over the last year or so, there are lots of available properties to rent long term in Javea.

If you are thinking of relocating to Javea and want to try before you buy, long term rental is in ideal way of researching the area and discovering the best places to live. You can browse our website for Long Term Rentals in Javea or Contact Us Now . The majority of owners wishing to sell are often willing to rent their property long term, if we know your requirements we can ask various owners if they would consider this option.

If your are already renting in the area and have good references you are likely to be able to find a larger or better located property at less rent than you are paying now. Contact Us Now for latest listings and to see what you can get for your money.

How does long term renting work?
1. Find the property you want to rent long term.
2. Some negation in monthly rental costs may be possible.
3. You need to place a deposit of usually 2 months rent plus the first month's rental charge.
4. You are then responsible for paying utility bills, such as water, electric and telephone (if required)
5. The owner is responsible for maintaining the property, i.e. fixing a leaky roof or replacing broken appliances.

A stress free way of living on the Costa Blanca.

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